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about us

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Why newborn photography?

It all started with getting newborn photos done for my own daughter. As a first time mom I couldn't wait to so all the things which included hiring a newborn photographer, I didn't realize how important of a step that was until the day I received my images. I was in such a fog during those first few weeks of life taking care of my little one while also trying to heal on barley any sleep, I barley took pictures on my own. Once I received the final images I sobbed! They were just so perfect and although it was only a few weeks after the session my daughter seemed to have already have changed so much in that little time. That's when I realized the significance and importance of getting newborn photos done. So once it came time to return back to work I decided I didn't want to return to working long hours away from my baby, instead I started my own businesses where I could be with my daughter more but more importantly create that same magically feeling that I had upon receiving my own newborn images of which I still stare on a daily basis.


The Studio

We are located in Wake Forest, NC. I have an cozy in home studio set up where you will be able to feel at home and relax while I capture beautiful images and memories for you to cherish for the rest of time. We have amenities such as a little coffee bar, mini fridge filled with water bottles, access to a bathroom, and a comfy couch for you to sit back and relax while the session is taking place.

Don't worry about props or what baby will wear - we have you covered! We have a constantly growing prop selection that is used to create each set custom to your preferences. 


Newborn Safety is Top Priority

Besides proper education and training safe newborn posing, we have a few other safety measures in place with your newborn's safety in mind. 

We practice a baby led session style so baby gets to eat when hungry and is never forced into a certain pose or prop.

We are photoshop pro! All poses that can be dangerous for baby to do unsupported are done with a composite. Hands are keeping baby posed safely in the images but the final images will not show the hands.


We are fully vaccinated and maintain the vaccine schedule as labor & delivery nurses.

Masks are not required during the session. However once we start prepping, wrapping, posing, and capturing images we get kind of close to baby - as a further layer of protection a face mask will be worn while working.

We are First aid & CPR certified and fully insured.

Everything is washed and sanitized after each session using non-toxic yet effective cleaning products. 

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Day of your Session

Our sessions are baby led, meaning if baby isn't comfortable with a certain pose or prop we will not continue to try and force the image but instead move on to the next one, if baby is hungry then we will take a break for baby to eat, and so on. Babies comfort and safety always come first during each session but with that said sessions are not quick and can last up up to 3 hours depending on baby. 

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Are you ready to book you session?

Newborn photographers book quickly! We recommend researching and your newborn photographer in second trimester. If you have any questions feel free to contact us - we want you to have full confidence when booking a newborn photographer even if we are not a good fit, we are more than happy to help you with what to look out for to ensure your little one is in safe hands! It's our way to give back to the community and to keep our babies safe! 

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